Indigo Stella – If You Ask Me (Freestyle)

Indigo Stella is in it to win it this year. The rapper seems to have a lot of songs loaded and this year might just be an experience. While we are all eagerly awaiting the recently hinted No Smoke banger, yesterday Indigo Stella decided to quench our thirst by releasing a freestyle titled If You Ask Me.

In January Indigo Stella gave us the Boss Up visuals which are being followed up by the If You Ask Me freestyle. The creative is promising more great music from her side. Unveiling her If You Ask Me freestyle on Soundcloud Indigo Stella wrote, “#NoSmoke Coming Soon, in the meantime, here’s the IYAM (Freestyle)“. So, for now, be sure to check out Indigo Stella’s IYAM (Freestyle).


Back from the future here to tell you you’re a loser
Backbone to a lot of petty rappers cause my music slap
Don’t dap Indigo Stella if you never gave a flying feather
Said I didn’t know you and I still don’t.
I break the bread up with the fam and friends and elevate the numbers
Told him I can’t let you tell no one my business, boy you fired
Make your spouses sign an NDA when stripping their attire off – to get another stamp up on my passport.

Indigo Stella – IYAM (Freestyle)
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