Former Wrecking Crew Members; Flame, Ecco and Mellow Give Their Insight On Their Departure

The Wrecking Crew split up has been the hottest topic on the SA Hip Hop scene in the past number of weeks. We have gone from speculation to the confirmation by The Wrecking Crew government, to us asking why and now we have got to set of reasons from those involved.

On the 11th of April, A Reece released Carele$$, a song that shed light on the matter and confirmed a lot of fans suspicions that “this had something to do with a girl”. Though the young king was not direct as to what the girl did he, however, seemed disappointed in his fellow, Flame taking her side and not his.

Now Flame, Ecco and Mellow caught up with Zkhiphani to share their side of the story and we seat with a second reason for the split up. In the video published by Zkhiphani, the Lean Team say,

…we don’t have any sort of tension with our ex-crew members, it’s just the management and how everything was being run.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Former Wrecking Crew Members; Flame, Ecco and Mellow Give Their Insight On Their Departure”

  1. Eish my gents from LnV (Liefde En Vrede) are fighting now. I hope that they findo common ground because as the ingredients of their music they make a killer recipe but now you can bake the same cake without the original ingredients.

  2. Yeah its a Brave’Soul up on this, Yeah what happened between wrecking crew artists ain’t no cool thing you know, like what am I trying to say is we can’t start things all together and after that we just seperate just like that nah that aint cool.
    Niggas ya’ll should have sat down and talk about this issue before anything that has happened!!!

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