Foreighn’s Vision EP Defines A Chapter Of Vision And Fluidity, Being Like Water

The emergence of the worldwide pandemic Covid-19 has seen creators placed in a unique position as their audiences are all at home, perfectly suited to consume their content. Naturally, this has resulted in a surge of new talent entering the picture with many bringing new sounds and styles for us to experience. One such talent goes by the name Foreighn. The creative dropped his debut EP, Vision, back in March and although it flew under the radar, it makes for a highly enjoyable listen that fuses the Hip Hop, RnB & Soul genres to craft a new distinctive sound.

The project has a story to tell with the artist himself defining the concept of this chapter of his story as,

“one of Vision and fluidity; being like water. Adjusting to life and being able to Grow Up amidst life’s ability to bend us to her will without changing who we are, even when we are thrown into the Deep End. We must instead realise where we are and how we are for us to keep moving forward. Even during those layered Summer Nights, we must always remember God living in us for Victoria e Certa (Victory is Certain)”


Serving as the intro and the track to which the EP is titled after, Vision sees Foreighn take us into his world and gives us a glimpse of his ambitions and aspirations while still being aware of his surroundings and current situation. Foreighn manages to not only create a highly infectious chorus but also flows as throughout the song’s singular verse. The downside of this song is its mixing with the 808 tending to overpower other elements of the production whenever it appears.

Grow Up

At the time of writing, Grow Up is currently listed as the most popular song from the EP and it is easy to hear why on the first listen. With mellow production heavily incorporating lo-fi associated sounds, Foreighn again delivers a memorable and catchy chorus with him being at his most introspective throughout its duration. “I’m tired of just sitting and dreaming I need to grow up”, he sings as a tale all too familiar is weaved and the struggles of the average up and coming artists, young adult or day dreamer are depicted within this tune.

Deep En

What is life without love and what is a music project without a love song? It is open to interpretation whether Deep En is a love song but one thing that is evident is that the muse of this piece is a potential lover. Foreighn has yet to meet this lover in the beginning of the song but it’s clear that she already has a strong and mysterious hold on him as he sings, “say I barely knew her but I recognize the feeling”. In the song he searches for reasons why he is so drawn to this individual while also letting us know that he fears falling in too deep at such an early point.

Summer Nights

Summer Nights is the lead single off Visions and might be the most personal song on the EP as Foreighn addresses the familial and romantic relationships in his life over a calm and nostalgia inducing instrumental. Tailored for late nights, Foreighn delivers beautiful vocals backed by soothing and subtle harmonies that perfectly capture the sincerity in his reflections. The production and vocals are well executed making the song by far the best engineered song on the album.

Victoria e Certa

A hustle anthem like no other right now, Victoria e Certa is as advertised an inspirational tune about persistence that carries a confidence that could easily be mistaken for doubt. Its somber and progressive instrumental is layered by lyrics such as, “even when I’m sitting down I’m still outstanding, jet setter, I’m a little outlandish” and “Sabali to my niggas on the come up, Aluta continua, Victoria e Certa” with the smoothest delivery one would hear on EP. The song is a lot to take in on first listen due to its erratic drum patterns and key structure but rather than work towards its detriment, it is the reason the song becomes such a memorable motivational bop.

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, the entire Vision EP serves as a wonderful introduction to the artist that is Foreighn. A refreshing take on familiar genres, this project is lifted by carefully constructed lyrics displaying the creative’s song writing prowess. With a distinctive voice and unique sound, victory is certain for Foreighn with this project being a clear showcase of an artist with unlimited potential.

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