Flame Says “We Need To Set A Date” For New Project “Candyman”

Willy Wonka – I mean, Flame has officially announced the coming of his new project dubbed Candyman. Announced to be released under a new label named the Lean Team, Flame is asking his fans to come up with the perfect date for the project. The creative has thus far posted three unofficial artworks that are announcing the coming of Candyman.

If you haven’t heard, the Wrecking Crew has split up into two new labels namely, the Rubberband Gang and the Lean Team. The news is not yet officiated, however, from the standing proof – there seems to have been some altercation among the Wrecking Crew which led to the ousting of Flame, Ecco and Mellow.

While the Rubberband Gang just dropped their first official offering dubbed Reece Effect, the Lean Team is now embracing us for their own first. Check out the three unofficial artworks below and be sure to share your perfect date for the drop below.


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