First You Put You On – 5 Suggestions To New or Struggling Musicians

To put yourself on is to better your chances. Unless you just do music because – well, you just love music, and you are not after any fame at all, then availing yourself is your first step.

With the intention to assist new or struggling musicians to navigate the entertainment scene, we have sort to find what it is that these creatives should be doing to see growth in their careers. In this first piece, themed “First You Put You On” we will share 5 suggestions that we believe can help new or struggling musicians to be in the right mindset about their career. Without further ado, here is what to consider.

Find Your Purpose

You should know what you need to do and why you need to do it. It is not “just doing” that gets you rewarded as a musician. Other paths are simply tiring, costly and a mere waste of time. Take some time to look into yourself, understand who you are. There you will find your purpose – what makes you the artist whose music we should buy. Knowing yourself makes it easy for you to plan and come up with strategies around your career.

You can’t go with the wind because you will get blown away – when what you need is to blow up.

To find your purpose, begin by reflecting on your experiences. It is in the environment you come from and the people around you. All these and more have an influence on who you are today and who you can be tomorrow. Some find their purpose in hustling for the survival of their families, others from their musical background, fun, passion and more. Understanding yourself makes it easy for you to understand what you can contribute to this world or yourself – your purpose.

Be Authentic

Fans dislike fake musicians. Your fans can never come to know that you are not the person that they fell for and follow. They can easily “unfall” & unfollow you. Knowing that a lot in the music industry appears to have been done before, it is, therefore, not to say strictly reinvent the wheel. However, give your wheel a truly “you” brand and it will be unique from your predecessor’s and competition’s.

While you are coming to understand your purpose and strategy around your music career, it is important to ensure that authenticity is your key value for great success.

To be authentic does not mean you won’t find someone you sound almost or very much like – you will find many. However, as a musician, you need to at least, first, tell your story, something true to or about you. What personally relates to you is what makes you unique. Second, always explore your originality. You “have something that makes you stand out, don’t sleep on yourself,” says South African musician, Flayser.

Invest In Yourself

‘Try to better your craft every chance you can and don’t take your listeners for granted.’ Tha Slayer.

Investing in yourself does not only cost you money, but it also costs you time and energy. Understanding that most new or struggling musicians need to have a side gig or start their music career as a side gig, it is very important that they manage their time effectively. Time is money because people get paid or don’t, for the time they put in or not.

You will need money for your survival. Everyone needs shelter, food, clothes – like how life is. That sorted – you need money to move your career. There is; recording sessions, advertising your music upon release, attending interviews, events or own tours and increased transportation and accommodation costs while on the ground promoting your music. The bigger you get as a creative the bigger the costs go – but if your fans have appreciated your music in money – it won’t hurt like it did when you started.

Having everything else matters, but still, you need energy. You won’t make it even with the most authentic music, the best strategy and potential funding, but lacking the strength and vitality required to sustain the physical, mental and emotional stresses that come with being a superstar. Stay healthy by minding what you expose your body to, be recreational activities or food or mind-altering substances or anything.

Invest in your health, stay energetic, motivated and enthusiastic and be able to use your time effectively to maximise how much you get paid.

Naturally or Plan Your Networking

Networking will serve as the torque button for your career. It is there to get certain things done easily, cheaper and faster. Through networking, you can easily build a team of very useful people around you. Some, believing in your purpose, authenticity and energy, will end up fully dedicated to moving your career. You can have a recording studio, a promoter, a lawyer and more, all investing in you for a future payment, saving you on many costs.

Sharpen your people’s skill and clean your teeth more often. Every person you will meet should be seen as a potential lead – so always be ready. Attend seminars or gigs or other events hosting the type of people that you need around you and who can move your career. Pay money to attend a RepLyf Records event if you believe Kwesta can move your career.

You Are A Business

Teach yourself everything that helps advance your music.Just Solid Music

As a profit-making entity is to maximise profit and reduce all costs as much as possible. You the musician, are the brand – the business. It is very important that you learn as much as you can about the music business. Know about music production, publishing, marketing and promotion, money channels and more. You won’t be able to master everything, however, master what you can and build a team to make it easier and faster.

Putting yourself on is knowing that you are a brand, and to build a strong brand is not a stroll in the park, so you cannot give up easily. Be persistent. Wear being a musician, speak and act confidently about your craft and be a celebrity to your first true fans.

Be a plug!

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