Fifi Cooper Unpacks A 2 in 1 Visual For Emoyeni & Calling

As her true fans say, Fifi Cooper is back. The Mostwako rapper returns with more from her 2018 album, Take Me Back, and caters a “2 in 1” video for Emoyeni and Calling. Take Me Back packs 21 songs, with Emoyeni, hosted at number 13 while Calling is comfortable at number 3. On Emoyeni, Fifi Cooper enlists singer Thabsie, while Moozlie assists on Calling.

A smart play from Fifi Cooper to bring the two songs together into one music video. In Emoyeni, Fifi Cooper is love struck and shares some Motswako words for bae. As it transitions into the next song, the rapper finds out from her friend, Thabsie, that bae is cheating – he is seeing Thabsie’s friend Moozlie too !! So they go to confront him – but what you think happened – didn’t happen.

Check out the video below.

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