Explore Refreshing Soundscapes With Lukile’s New Offerings “Sylo” and ” Snakebones”


Producer, singer, and songwriter Lukile crafts beats from his personal toy box of sounds. Born Lerato Lukile Masters (Sotho names meaning “love” and “right” as in “alright”), his philosophy is a curious mix of romantic surrealism and unwavering optimism which shines in his songwriting. As a natural genre-bender, his SoundCloud discography is a soundscape of nostalgic 8-bit video game pop, Missy-featuring-Timbaland-esque hip-hop, sugary electronic experiments, and dreamy lofi synth beats.

In his latest offerings, Sylo and Snakebones, he reins all of his boundless curiosity into focus with dark and feverish rhythms that wind dangerously through the folds of his desires and anxieties, only to emerge luminous and softened by new perspectives. Listen to Lukile’s latest single “Snakebones” below. Produced, composed, written and performed by Lerato Lukile Masters. Mixed and Mastered by Luc Veermeer. Artwork by Francesco Mbele.

Lukile’s debut single “Sylo” released February 2022, is the artist’s first foray into the world of songwriting. Produced, written, performed and composed entirely by Lukile. Mixed and mastered by Luc Veermeer.

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