Solve the Problem “mysteryschool EP” Scratches The Surface

The Big Hash is here to stay. 808x is here to stay. Innanetwav. is here to stay and so is Solve The Problem in this game for the long run. Often overlooked as a result of his more prominent stablemates, Solve The Problem has been quietly developing into quite the wordsmith with braggadocious flows and punchlines that will leave you feeling sore in the morning

Easily one of the most underrated projects to drop in the era of the “Internet kids”, Solve delivered the mysteryschool EP earlier this year in the winter – a follow up to his 2018 effort, the Summer Blues SZN 1 EP. In a space of 21 minutes unveiling a 6-track project, Solve displays glimpses of his potential as a master lyricist and his hunger to be a top dawg in the South African Hip Hop ‘sphere. The musician has never sounded so comfortable and confident like he does on mysteryschool. From stars’R’us to Just When They Thought It’s Over, Solve keeps your attention with catchy and bounce driven flows topped with a pinch of storytelling that could have done with more exploration on the project.

The prelude to better things, on StarsRus Solve the Problem wastes no time and immediately immerses us into his world. Made for the modern-day Hip Hop fan, Solve laces hard-hitting verses over an aggressive 808 with a mellow synth melody managing to come off as both vulnerable yet not to be trifled.

“Colder than 40 below beneath the surface”

Easily the banger off this project, Don’t Try This At Home is where Solve’s lyricism shines the brightest crafting a hit with fulfilled rage dripping in bravado. Executive producer 808x’s instrumental sees a reprieve three minutes into the track as the tempo slows down and the beat is broken up. Solve continues his lyrical diatribe at an altered pace with tongue-in-cheek heaters such as, “Carry the piece like Gandhi, I keep the Uzi beside me like peacebeyond me”.

On Deja Vu and MIA, Solve the Problem is not limited to being a “rappers a rapper” open to showing signs of versatility. However, on the former Solve pens an infectious autotune hook that is, respectfully, slighted by the verses that are ironically “MIA”. Both are still enjoyable tracks with the only gripe being that they fail to reach their full potential. Additionally, one will be forgiven for mistaking Solve for the Big Hash on various points of this project as he borrows familiar flows previously heard on Young and the Innanetwav. camp. However, this never seems to deteriorate the quality of his songs and instead leaves you longing for more.

mysteryschool EP is by no means the perfect project, however, music is subjective. What is rather clear on this project is that Solve The Problem is emerging and coming into his own as a rapper. Firmly establishing himself as a name not to be forgotten, we’ve only scratched the surface with Solve The Problem. mysteryschool is not just a love letter to the streets but a mission statement to the game that Solve is finding problems with. This is only the beginning.

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