Emtee Wants To Be Freed From Ambitiouz Entertainment

So, hashtag #FreeEmtee is trending on Twitter, surely all is definitely not well in the Ambitiouz Entertainment camp. Ironically, the award-winning rapper, Emtee himself is the leading this campaign. Since the 30th of May, the rapper went on a rant with some suspicious tweets. The nail on the coffin, on the 2nd of June he used #FreeEmtee for the first time on Twitter.


Confirming that he is definitely not happy at Ambitiouz Entertainment anymore, the rapper has a poll currently running on Twitter. You vote for either Stay/ Go and currently, Go is winning. Responding to a fan who wrote to him sharing his fears over the rapper leaving the company, Emtee responded, “I’m a GOAT though“.


A couple of years ago, speaking to Pearl Thusi, A Reece spoke on Emtee’s state at Ambitiouz Entertainment. A Reece claimed that due to how the company marginalises its creatives, Emtee said, “I think I’m going to leave sooner than I thought“. Now it appears all is rolling out.

It is not yet confirmed as to why the creative wants out, however, from his tweets it appears this definitely has something to do with his craft.


Stay tuned to DopeOffthePress and we will keep you informed as this develops.

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