Ecco Hints New Music Dubbed “In The Mean Time”

More new music is being prepared out of the Lean Team camp. Crew member; singer-songwriter and rapper Ecco has announced the coming of his own craft fast approaching. It is not yet clear whether the new offering is a single or compilation, however, the project is titled, In The Mean Time.

Ecco shared the news for the second time yesterday in an Instagram post captioning, “Highly favoured I’m Joseph I got the colour coat, sell me out I’ma come back with a 100 Gold, yea God blessed me with a 100 fold … Ain’t no looking back ❌ in the meantime coming soon ⏳ ? “.

The news is well received by the creative’s fans who were shuttered upon receiving the news of the rapper’s exit from The Wrecking Crew. The Wrecking Crew government announced a couple of weeks back that Ecco, Mellow and Flame, who also announced the coming of his Candyman project, are no longer a part of The Wrecking Crew.

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