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PatricKxxLee kicks off the month on the first Friday, releasing a new single dubbed 37. A very personal and emotional song, 37 follows up on the release of Achoo, a catchy hit single released seven days ago. PatricKxxLee delivers 37 as a gift, a song he believes will mean something different to everybody.

To me, with 37 PatricKxxLee takes me back to moments that I have failed, or made mistakes, or hurt someone – when I honestly thought I was doing the right thing. You get caught up in the moment and you are blinded to all the damage you are causing till you lose control. However, do you have to wait till you are dead to realize?


Not me
Not me 
If I could sever every tie 
And shed a light on every lie 
Then fucking watch me 
Or stop me 
We try to do this all the time until somebody cross the line 
Watching, watching oh… 
Control, we lost control…

Listen to 37 below and be sure to share your thoughts.
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