Gigi Lamayne – Job Woods

Gigi Lamayne is out to prove that she is not just another casualty. Today the rapper/ singer and songwriter premieres her foretold EP dubbed Job Woods. Gigi Lamayne announced the coming of Job Woods a couple of weeks back, unveiling the EPs artwork and tracklist. A few days later, the femcee unveiled the first single off her sixth project, a song titled Jou Stad enlisting Youngsta CPT and 25K. Job Woods is the Gigi Lamayne’s debut independent EP.

For Gigi Lamayne, Job Woods is not just another title. It’s a statement from not only a reimagined Gigi Lamayne but an open and genuine Genesis Gabriella Tina Manney. Stressing a good point on how the boy child is damaged and he, especially, needs as much help as the girl child, the femcee puts forward that the girl child needs to stand to see change happening. There is a lot more to Job Woods.

With Job Woods, Gigi Lamayne is embodying Job, who lost everything being tested by Satan, and received a tenfold after. The Woods is taken from Tiger Woods and like him, Gigi Lamayne is bouncing back. The new EP packs 10 tracks and enlists features from Zakwe, YoungstaCPT, 25K, Eminent Fam, Kwesta, Red Button, and more.

Listen to Job Woods below and be sure to share your thoughts. Listen to the skits too !!

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