Dope Off The Press Premiere |Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

Michael Highly

It is a lovely ideal, that image we have of our own inspired “African Hip Hop” musicians creating the most original “African Hip Hop” music, getting recognition globally and sharing stages with the biggest international musicians.

The sad truth is that the African Hip Hop music scene is getting as big as it is getting small. Now more than ever musicians are walking into, be bedroom studios or small independent/ major record label studios coming out with radio quality music, however, only a handful are truly rewarded for their craft.

African Hip Hop musicians and record labels struggle financially, and subsequently, they fail to fully make career developing strides. Just getting your songs on iTunes is a great struggle and accomplishment for most up-coming musicians. In the failed distribution, most of the best songs are getting lost. Musicians struggle with simply registering their music, and all this and more is mainly due to the lack of knowledge of the music business.

Establishing Dope Off the Press (DOP) we intend to do our bit to assist African Hip Hop, RnB and Afro-Pop musicians. We bring a platform to give them a voice to speak not only through their music. We share this platform with record labels, fashion designers, tattoo artists, video directors and production companies, graffiti artists etc.

To the fans, now you can learn about your favourite artists and their lifestyle. Give them your support so they become big local musicians with voices recognised globally.

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