Do We Have Any Hyenas? Check Out The #SwayColdCyphers w/ A Reece, Rouge & More

So – the 2019 Castle Lite Unlocks experience rolled out and as announced, SA’s most exciting comers did present their bars. Sway Calloway hosted his Sway In the Morning, Sway Cold Cyphers at the event -if you did not know. Representatives for the SA Hip Hop scene enlisted Espiquet, The Big Hash, Moozlie, J Molley, A Reece and Moozlie. Now two days ago Sway officially unveiled the Cyphers on YouTube – and it is now time for us to assess.

A hyena, no matter what the circumstance is, is always going to try to get that food. And if it’s a lion that’s protecting that food, a group of hyenas are going to attack that lion so they can eat too. Young MCs trying to come up in the game and get that position, I call them hyena’s and that’s why we call them hyenas“, Sway. Who do you think was the most hungry hyena? Check out the cyphers below and be sure to share your thoughts.

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