DJ Speedsta Says Kwesta’s Management Disrespects Him

DJ Speedsta says he ain’t a little guy no more. Speaking on the disrespect he has received from Kwesta’s management for the apparently the past 3 years, the DJ seems bitter about the issue.

The matter emanates from Kwesta’s management adding DJ Speedsta to Kwesta’s events without first confirming with him. Responding to this happening for the third time, DJ Speedsta took to twitter and wrote,

3 years In a row now Kwesta’s management assumes I’m a little guy and they can put me on for his show. For the 3rd time in a row I won’t be there. And I know it’s not him, I got mad love for him but I hate his team. They don’t want me to come up, they wanna treat me the same way as Boomshakalaka days. I come a long way with Kwesta. But he’s team, I really don’t mess with. They don’t see me. I won’t be at his show as the MTV Bass ad states.

DJ Speedsta also shared a conversation with one of Kwesta’s management team member.
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