DJ Speedsta Quits The Popcast Show. Here Is The Reason Why

Monday the 17th of August, DJ Speedsta tweeted, “I’m shooting my last episode of the Popcast today“. The move follows the DJ failing to handle some backlash for his opinions as shared on some Popcast episodes. Apparently, due to those opinions, some fans of the show are cancelling the three-time SA Hip Hop DJ of the year.

It is not yet clear what specific backlash got Speedsta to making this decision, however the DJ is choosing to agree with the so-called “Hip Hop experts” who have ordered him to step-down. Making this announcement on Twitter DJ Speedsta wrote, “I’m shooting my last episode of the Popcast today. The SA Hip Hop experts said they want me out. So I’m gonna remove myself. Protecting my energy at all costs!“.

Ahead of this announcement, DJ Speedsta first made it known that he is irreplaceable and like many before these “Hip Hop experts”, they shall fail to replace him.

Will the Popcast replace DJ Speedsta? Will the team, made of Scoop Makhathini, Ms Cosmo and DJ Vigilante, continue without DJ Speedsta? How will this pan out? Stay tuned and we will update you as it happens.

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