Dizzy Monks x Kandy Koated Music New Music Coming Soon

We getting some new Dizzy Monks x Kandy Koated Music new music soon. Music duo Dizzy Monks are teaming up with, Kandy Koated Music (KKM) to bring us the hype. Sharing a video of the creatives at work on their socials, Dizzy Monks announced the soon coming of some new music from the two entities. They, however, did not give away much, regarding the title, release date and whether it’s a single/ compilation project.

A bit of insight. Dizzy Monks is a music duo made up of Topp Gogg and Ginger Trill. The duo unveiled their teaming up back in 2018 by releasing a song dubbed, Frozen. Currently, they are campaigning for their new EP dubbed Tales of The High and Mighty. More like a “music brotherhood” than a music group, KKM is made of creatives like; Espiquet, DJ Kaymo, Hopemasta, Cye and Zizithebig. To their name, KKM has a handful of projects including their most recent mixtape dubbed, Smoke Silence II.

Bringing together some well-renowned producers and artists, we surely should be curious about what’s to come. Happy waiting – lets hope we get the music soon.

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