Discovr | Heatmaker Makes His Debut With New Single, “Hot Bitch”

Heatmaker Brings Sauwcy & VegasXCesar Together With Latest Single, “Hot Bitch”

The power of the producer is their ability to bring together unlikely artists or the collaborations we didn’t know we wanted

Teaming up with 808 Sallie for the “Hot Bitch” instrumental, Heatmaker thought to release a feel-good single with Sauwcy and VegasXCesar to make his debut. The single sees Sauwcy take the lead with wordplay that speaks to the confidence she has in her ability to win. In the fashion of your Megan Thee Stallion and Saweetie types, Sauwcy’s verse is laden with confidence and self-proclaimed sex appeal that generally makes listeners want to sing along.

On the other hand, VegasXCesar, known best for his contributions to artists like Costa Titch and Indigo Stella, delivers a laid back, contraband inspired, verse. As a proclaimed trapstar, it comes as no surprise that he would make mention of double cups, lean, and Hennessey. However, it is his delivery, particularly the baritone of his voice, that makes him all the more appealing. 


Heatmaker has steadily grown his community of listeners since his days as an event promoter. In 2020, his goal is to step into his dream of producing music, bringing artists together and expanding the greatness of South African musicality. 

808 SALLIE and I were in the studio going through beats.  We were looking for a female rapper when I went through my phone and remembered Sauwcy. She and I met at a gig, so I reached out. Once she hit me back, she came straight to PRBLM’s studio to record her verse. Sallie and I wrapped up the single at Sallie’s studio with VegasXCesar.


At the end of it all you’ll grasp that my name is Sauwcy for a reason, so when my “moment” comes don’t act like I never told you. Even when I was casually rapping, without any music out, let alone having a song recorded, I told ’em I was destined for this. And that’s why I’m a HOT BITCH. I said I’m going to do it and I’m doing it.


Our generation likes to get lit and turn up, so I wanted my verse to speak on how we party and have fun. If you had to visualize a moment that best describes how lit we get, I’d have to say Cotton Fest is the perfect example.  I didn’t want to speak to one group alone, so my hope was to contribute in a way that men and women could enjoy the track.

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