Discovr | BanT Presents First Single For 2020, “Band$ Up”

For his first release of 2020, multi-Yarona award-winning rapper BanT has debuted an ode to perseverance and upward growth. 

Where rhythm and poetry intersect, rappers like BanT provide nuanced storytelling to national audiences. Botswana has received the rapper well over the years, as best exemplified by his three Yarona FM awards. 

With the release of Band$ Up, BanT speaks on his goal of advancing his career in the years to come. Home will always be where the heart is, but making music for all to enjoy is even more of a draw for the young rapper. Here is some of what Ban T had to say about his most recent release!

“This song was produced by a good producer-friend of mine, F.A.T from Botswana; but it was engineered by Takunda with whom I spent more time. He mainly helped me with the creative direction of the single.

My next big goal in my career to is to collaborate with more South African artists as I’ve just moved out to Joburg and to try to extend my fan base.

I’ve been recording almost every day, so you can imagine what type of vibes I’m making. I’m just experimenting with a lot of different sounds at the moment. For now, I’ve got a song coming up with LayLizzy from Mozambique and another with Ason Leaux. I don’t think I’ll have a full-length project this year but you never know!”


Listen to Band$ Up below and be sure to share your thoughts.

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