DEE XCLSV has stretched back to his 2018 project, Two Hours From G-Park to deliver some new content. Undeniably a force coming from the Punchline team, DEE XCLSV is most definitely one artist that South Africa is looking to this year. Kicking off the year, on the 17th of February the rapper/ singer and songwriter from Rustenburg premiered a new music video for S.I.MW (Stuck In My Ways). S.I.M.W is the first song on DEE XCLSV’s Two Hours From G-Park.

Directed by Kuda Jemba, the new S.I.M.W video is themed black and white. The video shows us clips of DEE XCLSV jaywalking in the empty streets of his hood, while another scene shows the rapper in and on a jalopy. Releasing the video the creative wrote, “No long, emotional caption this time. Just a big thank you to all my friends, family, fans who’ve been so patient. I Love ALL YALL. YOU GUYS DIDN’T LET THIS SONG DIE !!! So Here’s My Thank You, From Me To You❤

Check out the new music video and be sure to share your thoughts.

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