Cottonfest is making its return! What does this mean for the industry and how important is festival culture?

Cottonfest is making its eagerly-awaited return! The annual event debuted in early 2019 and was a massive success. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it could not have its third installment in 2021.

The Corona Virus Pandemic put severe damp on everything entertainment-wise in this country. Out of all sectors, the entertainment industry was arguably the most severely hit. As much as our artists did a fantastic job supplying us with music during those heavy lockdown months, nothing can replace the feeling and experience of hearing music live. This sentiment is held not only by the fans who have been able to experience the cultural moshpit that is Cottonfest but also by the artists.

Cottonfest can bring so many artists an insanely colossal platform to showcase their talent since it is legitimately one of the most important festivals in this country, especially in hip-hop.

Riky Rick’s insatiable drive and foresight to consistently reach out and collaborate with the new school artists coming up in this country is one of the main reasons I place this event so highly in the scope of the culture. It is a fantastic melting pot of people that he can draw in. His ability to conceptualize the event and attach a theme that translates effortlessly into different avenues is something every artist searching to create a lasting brand identity and make decent money from their careers should pay a specific mind.

This year’s installment looks like it will be the biggest one yet. It is going to take place over two days. An event of this magnitude not only sends the signal out that the event scene and its culture are back in full effect, but it also sends out the bat signal to artists that it is time to wake up and switch on.

All in all, I am very excited that we can finally begin enjoying music outdoors and amongst people again. Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments.

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