Cotton Eaters Never Die They Move Forward: CottonFest set to still go ahead despite the passing of its Custodian Riky Rick.

The best way to maintain the memory of someone is to keep alive the things they loved and cherished. In the case of Riky Rick, it was CottonFest and giving opportunities to the youth in this country to get their chance to shine as brightly as he did.

We are so delighted to see that the organizers of the CottonFest festival have decided to move forward and still host this significant event. The need to keep Riky Rick’s legacy and vision alive lives in the continuance of this event.

The ability for his fans to interact with what he envisioned is not only going to be the best way for them to remember him but also the best way to ensure that everything he spent his life trying to do will continue.

CottonFest must always stand as a marker for our culture. The platform allows festival-goers and the country to be put on notice for the next up-and-coming sensation.

A space that does what Riky intended it to, giving a voice to the people that might not be able to break through the conventional mediums of the industry.
The festival will now take place on the 23rd and 24th of April.

I hope that all attendees revel in the experience and do their part to keep the memory and legacy of Riky Rick alive

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