Check Out The New Shabzi Madallion “Be Careful” w/ Visuals

2019’s most exciting come ups are proving that only hard work and determination will get you to be a recognised player on the South African music scene. With the increased number of musicians on the scene, many have learned that releasing constantly and consistently is a smart strategy for becoming and staying relevant, and it makes sense.

One making an early return and ensuring his growing fan base is adequately fed is Shabzi Madallion. The rapper and songwriter recently released yet another piece, this one only playing for just a few seconds over a minute. His new offering is dubbed Be Careful, and the piece finds Shabzi Madallion educating and advising arrivals and pros alike about the music scene. Be Careful follows up on Shabzi Madallion Verse of The Month mixtape.

I stay away from the people who benefit from my light. Only show you love when they get a cut of the pie. Be careful. They cut you up with a knife, be careful“, raps Shabzi Madallion closing the new piece.

Check Out Be Careful below and be sure to share your thoughts.

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