Check Out Tellaman’s Bright “Whipped” Music Video Featuring Shekhinah & Nasty C

Tellaman just dropped visuals for Whipped, the 5th single off his debut album God Decides. Enlisting homies Shekhinah and Nasty C, the trio well represents Durban in the new Kyle White visual. Released on the 1st of February, God Decides packs 20 songs in total, with Whipped hosted at number 4.

Listen To Tellaman’s Debut Album God Decides here.

Presenting a smoother and colourful set, the retro-80s fashioned creatives deliver well-fitting visuals to the beautiful jam. As per creative, you feel the presence of each one, and together on this song, they cooked a masterpiece.

For us – this is one to cherish and appreciate.

Check out the visuals below.

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