Check Out PdotO’s “Celebrate The Roses” Visuals w/ Reason & Delite

It’s more than just paying tribute as PdotO unveils visuals for Celebrate the Roses. Taken off his 2018 album titled Under the Sun, Celebrate the Roses enlists guest features from “a blooming rose”, Reason and crooner Delite. A story by Ozone Fellaz, the visuals were shot by ShotByUs and Ke!th Blk Production.

Telling a relatable story, PdotO and Reason tell of how it always goes in life. Lacing the first verse PdotO pays tribute to the resting music legends, the likes of Pro Kid, HHP, Flabba, Oliver Mtukudzi and more. With the second verse, Reason presents the rose that he is, unfortunately still not celebrated. Giving – literally, a poetic ending to the song, PdotO recites:

“Celebrate the Roses. My rose petals tell a story. I’m capable of anything, I’m focused. Chosen for the hopeless. I see they celebrate the roses but struggle to embrace what the rose gives, dark stain dampen the mood. But it’s my gift though, I’m not playing. Fly to the moon forever live on. Bless. Just celebrate the roses. Sing us a song before they tombstone and ghost us.”

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