Blxckie Secures Another Major Win As He is Booked To Open for American Group EarthGang.

Blxckie has spectacularly started this year. It is safe to say that he owned the majority of 2021, consistently dropping hit after hit and being the industry’s go-to feature.

His meteoric rise in the industry kind of takes me back to how hot Nasty C was when he first came onto the scene, and the whole business couldn’t get enough of him.

The fantastic thing that Blxckie has managed to do is to be able to experience that boom, all the while hopscotching his way from genre to genre and establishing himself on whatever type of song you might see him on. I think it’s very telling that he’s successfully achieved this boom while Amapiano and its artists as captured almost every ear in this country.

Well, for Blxckie, this notoriety isn’t going to slow down any time soon as he has been booked to open up for Dreamville’s EarthGang on the European leg of their world tour. Not only is this a massive opportunity for Blxckie to continue to establish his name in another continent. It is another reminder of the keen eye that artists from the mega-market in the United States of America are paying to our artists over here.

I hope that such opportunities continue to fall on the laps of South African artists, only for the sake of growing their reach.

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