In our bid at #dop to be the number one plug for up-coming artists and your best source for all the latest content on the African Hip Hop scene, we introduce to you our new segment dubbed Artists You Should Know. Once a month (to begin with) we will select 3 artists at our discretion who we will highlight.

We kick start with the following three – and we selected one song from each for you to sample. Listen to their songs and feel free to comment below. Also, leave a recommendation below if you have any artists you would love to see featured in future editions of this segment.

Artist/ Group Name – Malachi

Country – South Africa

Discovered – Soundcloud

Featured Song – Let You Know

Artist/ Group Name – R Peels

Country – Zimbabwe

Discovered – Instagram

Featured Song – Butsu

Artist/ Group Name – King Lutendo

Country – South Africa

Discovered – Twitter

Featured Song – Message
Be a plug!

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