Artists You Should Listen To. Featuring Manu Worldstar, Tha Slayer & TTGO

In our bid here at #dopeoffthepress to be the number one plug for up-coming artists and your best source for all the latest content on the African Hip Hop scene, we give you the Artists You Should Listen To segment.

Once a month (to begin with) we select 3 artists at our discretion, feature them in the segment and highlight them on the Home page for the month.

In this third edition, we feature Manu Worldstar, Tha Slayer and TTGO. We have selected one song from each artist for you to sample. Listen to their songs below and share your thoughts.Also, leave a recommendation below if you have any artists you would love to see featured in future editions of this segment.

Tha Slayer

Manu Worldstar


Tha Slayer (born Tatenda Chehura) is a Zimbabwean rapper/ singer and songwriter.

Current Residence : South Africa

Discovered              : SoundCloud

Featured Song        : Drugged Out

Instagram                : @iamthaslayer


Manu Worldstar (born Emmanuel Mutendji) is a South African-Congolese singer/ rapper and songwriter.

Current Residence : South Africa

Discovered              : YouTube

Featured Song        : Future Plan

Instagram                : @manu_worldstar


TTGO (born Thato Thabo Sibanda) is a South African, Pretoria based rapper and songwriter.

Current Residence : South Africa

Discovered              : SoundCloud

Featured Song        : Awuyisuse

Instagram            : @ttgo_mfana_pitori


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