An Update On Nasty C’s Forthcoming “Zulu Man With Some Power” Album

The road to Nasty C’s third studio album, Zulu Man With Some Power has been long, however it seems like we are almost there. Nasty C officially announced the coming of Zulu Man With Some Power back in June of 2019, teasing an unheard before song and promising the project to arrive in summer. In September of 2019, the award-winning rapper/ singer and songwriter released the album’s lead single titled God Flow featuring rapper crownedYung.

Now while everyone is eager to hear Zulu Man With Some Power, Nasty C recently came with an update that says we might not have to wait for long now. In a new post on his gram Nasty C tells us that he had to go through a long process of shortlisting 16 songs from 47. The album is split into four sections. Nasty C tells us to expect some goosebumps, a rollercoaster, pride, and appreciation writing, ”

Section 1 will give you goosebumps. Section 2 & 3 will be a fucking rollercoaster, you will sh*t yourself. Section 4 will make you proud – it will make you cry – it’ll make you appreciate – it’ll make you realize that Ivyson is not to be fucked with.

Nasty C
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