AKA “Don’t Wanna Be Famous Anymore”, Cause “Fame Sucks”

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It appears the Supa Mega doesn’t feel super mega anymore. As much as he acknowledges his third solo album, Touch My Blood being certified “double platinum”, AKA says he doesn’t “fxckxng care anymore“. On the 14th of May, the award-winning rapper announced he was going reveal some “big announcement” on the 15th. Come the 15th of May, the rapper kicked off a rant on twitter.

You ever wish you could unmeet some people?“, AKA posted his first tweet of the 15th. After that followed the “happy” but sarcastic and disheartened tweet, “Anyways. TMB is now double platinum, officially. Whoopedy fuckin’ doo“. Appreciating that the fans supported him by buying the album, the rapper shares that, not meaning to be ungrateful, he “don’t really even give a proper fxck about it. That’s messed up“.

AKA shares that professionally he is on top of his game, however personally he doesn’t have an idea what he is up to. He says it’s getting to him that everywhere he goes, people shout at him and he really has a problem with the “volume“. Putting his heart on the line he says, “I really appreciate that y’all still fux with me but honestly, I don’t wanna be famous anymore. It totally sucks“.

Could he be fooling around or is there something wrong with the creative? We hope not for the latter. Check out the tweets below.

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