Aewon Wolf Not Trying To Be Cool In His “The Return” Debut Single “Cool Kids”

Arnold Philips, aka Aewon Wolf, just dropped Cool Kids, a song that he reckons will “shake up” things, and he is on to something.

With matter to address – as usual, the song is accompanied by a music video loaded with haunting satirical expressions of what “makes one cool” in this day and age, and Aewon Wolf is not all about that. With this – his new statement, the rapper might just be on to becoming the most important voice of our time.

Opening with realities such as, “the cool kids don’t want to go to school, the cool kids got something to prove, the cool kids think they are better than me,” Aewon is quick to point out the fallacies intangling our society and misleading our youth. The notions that; those who are bad are the cool ones, we always have to change the status quo and we should always strive to be better than the other person, all contradict what needs to be done to make our society better. Instead, so many are leaving according to other people’s standards and neglecting self-development, and self-love in a bid to be accepted by society.

Aewon Wolf also recently announced the coming of his new compilation project dubbed The Return. To be released on the 17th of January, The Return is said to be a project that will address contradictions in pop culture, particularly the newsworthy versus the trendy. You can pre-order the album here.

DopeOffthePress will have a seat down with Aewon Wolf to further discuss this and more. For now, check out the project’s debut single below and be sure to share your thoughts.

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