Aewon Wolf Addresses Xenophobic Attacks & Gender-Based Abuse In Freestyle #3

It’s been 8 months since Aewon Wolf dropped a freestyle and now he feels it’s time to stop looking at all this with his side-eye. Aweon Wolf brings Freestyle #3 in light of the recent xenophobic attacks and continuos abuse, rape and killings erupting in South Africa. As with Freestyle #1 and #2, Freestyle #3 brings the message that people have to hear. There is more to his pen than what we can see and as with most of his music – there is something for you and your friends to learn. Be sure to share this to them so we spread the right message.

Speaking the words that most of us feel like saying to people causing this current situation, check out Aweon Wolf in his new, Freestyle #3. Be sure to also check out Freestyle #1 and #2 embedded below. We can’t have killing seasons.

#Wisdom #ChooseLove

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