A Reece Shed Some Light On Why Flame Is Out Of The Wrecking Crew In “Carele$$”

The entertainment scene has been wondering what happened to The Wrecking Crew. Signs that the government had broken up were all over, even as clear as The Wrecking Crew tweeting their separation with Flame, Ecco and Mellow.

Now A Reece has shed some light on the matter, releasing a single dubbed Carele$$. The Wrecking Crew fans are getting an aha moment, as their suspicions are confirmed in Carele$$. A Reece appears a disappointed fellow, asking Flame how he could let a girl come between them.

the Word.

I was there before the money, she would never say the same. How could you stick around and let her have her on way? She even go as far as throwing dirt on my name. How you let her come between us and the records that we made. Shit is crazy but i figured you just acting your age.” A Reece

Listen to Carele$$ below and remember to share your thoughts.

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1 thought on “A Reece Shed Some Light On Why Flame Is Out Of The Wrecking Crew In “Carele$$””

  1. Magiq Leenk

    K-1 Boy- ? look I don’t wanna lie but Flame did well to split with A-Reece it’s time to face New things now, it’s time to grow up and its time to give people Candy’s

    Let’s go Candy Man

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