50 Cent Removes Young Buck’s Video Off YouTube As Feud Continues

50 Cent is after Young Bucks Career. This follows the request by his former friend and associate now turned rival, to be relieved from his G – Unit contract. 50 Cent, who is apparently not happy either with Young Bucks departure or his approach with regards to the matter, responded by having rapper’s new song removed off YouTube for copyright infringement claims.

Being the sarcastic character that he is, 50 Cent went on to promote Young Bucks song on his Instagram captioning, “Check out Bucks new video, Fofty I want my money Mondays“.


Young Buck who is currently campaigning for his recently released EP responded by posting a picture of “Big #Fofty” captioning, “ Big Fofty Say I Owe Him Some Check. Tell Him OpenTheBooks. Compulsive The Ep Out Now #Defamation Otw“.


50 Cent claims Young Buck owes him money, for that reason the feud might continue. Stay tuned to DopeOffthePress for more.

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