SoundCloud Expands Artist Services Business With Joint Venture With UK Record Label WUGD

SoundCloud, the music streaming platform, has announced its global expansion of artist services through a joint venture with the UK-based dance record label WUGD (What You Gonna Do) Ltd. The partnership aims to discover, nurture and invest in emerging electronic music artists featured on the platform worldwide.

WUGD was founded by Jax Jones, a DJ, songwriter, and producer, and Dan Stacey, the founder of Loving Alliance, the home of artists such as Riton, D.O.D, and rising star Hannah Laing. Stacey, who has been an influential figure in UK music for over 20 years, has been responsible for over 30 Top 20 singles on the UK’s Official Singles Chart, and over 12 billion global streams.

SoundCloud’s Business Model

SoundCloud’s business model is comprised of two sides: a user-facing streaming service that provides both ad-supported and subscription income streams, and an artist services business under which indie artists can upload their music directly to SoundCloud and distribute their tracks to other services like Spotify. SoundCloud also offers additional tools and resources for indie artists under its “SoundCloud for Artists” brand.

Last year, SoundCloud launched a top-tier of artist service offerings, known as its “roster,” under which successful independent artists “sign” directly to SoundCloud, with the company paying advances and investing in artist marketing.

Partnership with WUGD

SoundCloud’s partnership with WUGD comes a year after SoundCloud signed an artist-signing joint venture with Solid Foundation, the management and creative services arm of Atlanta rap powerhouse QC Media Holdings (Quality Control).

According to Jessica Rivera, SoundCloud Global SVP & General Manager, WUGD’s genuine approach and commitment to supporting artists make them an ideal partner as SoundCloud expands its offerings and provides the resources needed by artists to build sustainable careers. The partnership will tap Jax Jones and Dan Stacey as key advisors within the dance music space, which is a highly engaged community on SoundCloud in the UK and internationally.

Dan Stacey said the partnership with SoundCloud expands their commitment to artists, providing the perfect space for them to develop and flourish. He added that the partnership would invest in new artists and introduce them to the wider industry, from mentorship to distribution and marketing.

SoundCloud’s partnership with WUGD is another step in its evolution towards becoming more of an artist services business, offering indie artists the resources and tools they need to build successful music careers






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