Discovr | Xenlaii Unveils A Remix of His Breakout Single “Kwaze Kwamnandi”

With 2019 coming to a close, Xenlaii’s final offering for the year is a remix of his breakout single of “Kwaze Kwamnandi.” Teaming up with Jumping Black Sash, Xenlaii has taken his brand of ‘surf rap’ to the electronic music community.

The most recent drop from Xenlaii was SURF: AM, a seven-track EP released in May 2019. The remix of “Kwaze Kwamnandi” is what Xenlaii describes as a thank you to his community of supporters. 

M3NA Media

Still paying homage to his surf rap sound, Xenlaii offers up a freestyle as the bonus track to this release. “Understand (Freestyle)” is an upbeat track, narrating the story of a man on the grind and the life that happens in-between. This track is available for download exclusively on Slikour OnLife.

M3NA Media
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