Xenlaii – Cocoa Butter

Xenlaii Debuts Cocoa Butter Single & Brings It To Life With Latest Visualizer

Art and music intersect in the most beautiful ways when intention and purpose are put into each creation. For this reason, Xenlaii teamed up with Cole Ndelu to bring Cocoa Butter to life!

A song about beauty, particularly where black women are concerned, is the thematic journey Xenlaii narrates with Cocoa Butter. He pays homage to the intimacy a lover feels when they are enamored by the beauty and stature of their partner. Sonically, the single is a far cry from hip-hop oriented; instead, it blends R&B soundscapes, Xenlaii’s melodic flow, and Phinda’s smooth harmonies to create synergy and an overall wavy vibe.

“Cocoa Butter,” The Visualizer

From Cole Ndelu’s opinion

Clarity & Intention is an artwork comprised of stills and moving images in response to Xenlaii’s Cocoa Butter. “The concept for the visuals draws from my personal journey of self-care, expansion, and enlightenment; the visuals speak to a state of Awareness, seeing yourself and allowing yourself to be seen”. 

How does this translate visually? The viewer gets to share in this experience of Awareness, of black women seeing themselves and seeing each other – and what does that look like? It’s a little utopian, it’s sensual, it’s flow, random, surreal, awe-inspiring and soft. The music becomes the soundtrack of this experience. The works become a space of boldness, audacity and daring. They’re almost a call to action – join us in this otherworldly space of care, resistance (self-care and self-love is an act of resistance in this world, in these times). It is a call to “take up space” and to exist loudly and proudly in the feminine.

Listen to Cocoa Butter below.

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