Xenlaii – How To Play

A song is brought to life through live performances, IRL experiences, and music videos. For Xenlaii, starting 2020 with the first and best visuals of his career is the perfect way to bring his breakout song, How To Play to life.

Directed by, Siz Meister, the music video draws on Black Mirror’s concept of reversing time to visualize what it’s like trying date someone. In real life, the game of love has very few opportunities to do things over again. In his first video of 2020, Xenlaii interrogates what it would be like to have multiple do-overs. 

We wanted to give a song that is very catchy and easy to remember. A video that will make people think, engage with more than the average video. There are so many nuances and subliminal imagery that requires the viewer to be invested more in the video, watch it more attentively and watch it more than once.

Xenlaii, @xenlaiiwave

Watch How To Play featuring Amarafleur and tell us what you think.

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