Top ‘n Trill Unveil Visuals For ‘Cash Bag Swag’

Ok – did Top ‘n Trill just affirm that Cash Bag Swag got to be the jam on Tales of The High ‘n Mighty? It’s number one of our top 3 !!

On the 30th of May, Top Gogg & Ginger Trill, presenting as Top ‘n Trill, unveiled their first set of visuals going to Cash Bag Swag. Shot somewhere in Berlin, the new music video shows the Dizzy Monks Entertainment collective spending some racks and having a ball. The video was shot by Calvin Axe and edited by S.O.L TV who made use of some dope colour effects and masking technique.

Cash Bag Swag is definitely one song your favourite Hip Hop DJs will add to their playlist. Laced on a vibey marching instrumental, one can’t help but just node in agreement to the shade thrown by Top ‘n Trill in their raps.

The Cash Bag Swag music video, also showing Kool Out DJ P Kuttah hanging with the gang, is promised to not be the last. Looking forward to the next one – we hope you catch up and check this one. Tell us what you think below.

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