Riky Rick’s Ten Lessons For Upcoming Artists, with YFM’s DJ Sabby.

On Friday June the 5th, DJ Sabby interviewed Ricky Rick on YFM’s #GottaAskYFM finale. On the interview which titled “Breaking Into the Music Industry”, Riky Rick shares some knowledge that upcoming musicians need to know. We have taken some notes for those who are interested. Read along and share with someone pursuing a music career.

1. Get close to the people that you look up to if you want to make it. Expose yourself to the networks that you want to be a part of, put yourself on the radar. “If you are dope you show yourself”.

2. Building up a following is something that you acquire over time. Riky Rick recalls being booed while performing on the Back to The City stage back in 2010/2011. Fast forward to today, it is always a vibe when Ricky Rick gets on stage. Don’t give up when the tough gets going.

3. Before the music and everything else, people should already recognize you; your personality & your brand. Always strive to leave a mark of personality on people, rather than begging for their recognition. Know who you are and know how to communicate who you are.

4. Make music for the people around you. “Build an army of people that understand what you are about before the world understands what you are about”. Riky Rick used to make CD copies and sell them to the people at his varsity. His strategy was to have the movement around himself before he took his music to the world.

4. Don’t force energies that are not there. Do what makes you happy, rather than i.e. forcing features and relationships that you can tell won’t work, don’t force it. If you do not know how to do that, then seat back, watch and learn how those who are doing it correctly are doing it.

5. You have to go through your own learning curve. Ricky believes there is a reason why he made it at 26. The first 7 years of his career was made of valuable lessons that would not have allowed him to be here if he did not learn them. Go through the process, and remember for some it is faster and for some it is slower.

6. The moment you decide you want to be a legit artist; just know you are going to have to need every resource you have to work for you. The music business is like playing the lottery, the more you play the more your chances of winning. So, to win you just have to keep playing and keep investing. If you take a job, and hate your job, still make sure you do it to the best and take all the money you make and invest it into your art.

7. Location doesn’t matter. You do not need to be in Johannesburg to make it. Artist like Zakwe, Dee Koala, YoungstaCPT and many more are making it from their home towns. And such “making it” is valuable if you are to make it globally. And if you are to move to Johannesburg like Riky Rick himself, make sure that Johannesburg doesn’t change who you are.

8. Learn to listen and learn from others, especially people such as your producers. Let them contribute to your art the best way they know how. You can’t master everything yourself.

9. Cosigns are useless unless the artist getting a cosign is ready to run.

10. Use Google. Research. Learn.

That’s it. Tell us what you think of these ten lessons from Riky Rick. A big thank you to YFM for such an informative interview. Watch the interview below.

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