Major League Djs Go Live with The World’s First Amapiano NFT, But What Does This Mean?

The Major League Djs officially went live with their first NFT on the 22nd of February. The announcement is a first for Amapiano, and naturally, with the statement has come the question. What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. What is a Non-Fungible Token, you ask?

An NFT, simply put, is a way for someone to prove digital ownership of something. In this case, the Major League DJs have created an NFT that can be brought by their fans, and what this NFT grants their fans is exclusive access to their community. Once bought, a fan will gain access into their community and access to events that were previously invite-only. With NFTs, tokens can be split into series or editions, and therefore those series and editions can have specific tiers to them.

The way that the Major League twins have gone about theirs is that they have created 11 editions. In these 11 editions, fans will be able to buy a central piece that will not only allow them to attend their private balcony mixes, but they will also be allowed to get an entire song that will only be for the person that owns that central piece.

The beautiful thing about NFTs is that there able to be fitted with a digital contract that stipulates a percentage of royalties that will go to the creator no matter what. So not only can the Major League Djs make money from the initial sale of their NFTs, they can make a percentage of every sale after fact.

This is unprecedented for Amapiano and Africa overall, and this gives artists another way to earn money from their work. Amapiano is flourishing globally. This would be a brilliant way for all of them to capitalize. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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