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Magnido Charles is ready for the realness of the entertainment scene – he has been keeping on. The Songwriter/ Rapper/ Singer bounces between dazzling, motivating and beast mode in his recent project, Before the Real Tiings – the EP. Even though the fans have not been as responsive as he expected – those who have had the opportunity to listen to the EP, both the elderly and the youthful, cannot resist to press repeat and “bump” to the well-crafted jams.

Doing music for the love of it, to stay alive and be motivated – Magnido Charles reaches out to the audience on the first track of the EP, Reach Out. He introduces us to his struggles – making an important mention of how “they never take you seriously” when you are from the bottoms because, well – “they can’t see us”. Magnido Charles talks of his value; of family, making mention of his need to better his mother and sister’s life, of his fans, of his integrity through honesty and of his faith.

The perils of wanting to be heard and fame also seem to be fast-catching with the artist. In Time Out produced by Arum September and Jiya Beats and released as a single, Magnido Charles expresses the need for a break due to how easy it is to get caught up in the entertainment industry – putting in overtime at the studio and nights out at events and all it comes with that leads to “lost love”. He tells us of a break up with the mother of his, now born, baby – Dominic, who he seems to be asking for another chance in One More Time.

Amongst all the other well-crafted songs deserving a mention; Whipping, H.Y.F.A.M (How You Feel About Me) and Rags to RichesShe Said stands out to be the most requested song. However, again due to his goal to “fuck up the scene” – Magnido is failing to come get it, even though the offer is on for “any day”. Listen to the track and you will get what this means.

Magnido Charles hopes that one day he makes his mom proud and buy her a “house as big as a mall”. Listening to Mama Proud, a special dedication to his mother, the last song of the 9 track EP, feels like listening to his “anthem”.

Magnido recruited Simple T (on Whipping, Rags to Riches and Mama Proud) from Blxck Feenix and Veetaedo as the only features on the EP. The production of the project, except for Time Out, was done by Veetaedo who deserves a special mention for his help through composition and ensuring the project was done timeously.

The EP was released by Magnido Charles with the help of the Murder Force movement, surely on a small scale, explaining the reason behind the response not being as massive as he hopes for thus far. From the conversation we had with him, he stands to improve on his marketing by growing his team to increase his reach and since January 2018 he joined Floric Entertainment for this cause.

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  1. Shout out to Magnido Charles for his dedication and commitment to this work of art and to the rest of the TEAM. Much is already done by these well deserved musicians. Salute and much respect to the team work done on these projects.

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