Listen To PatricKxxLee’s “Spaceships” Featuring Lethabo Acid

Keeping with the work-ethic, PatricKxxLee is back again within a week. This time enlisting Lethabo Acid, the creative issues a new single titled Spaceships. Earlier this week PatricKxxLee released self-produced single, NDNA RIPCB RIPKC<###. Making an exciting return, Lethabo Acid was last heard of three months back when he dropped Sick, Die Tonight and Let It Rip.

Kicking like a heartbreak, Spaceships is laced on an 808-laden Hip Hop instrumental. With his hook and verse, PatricKxxLee asks for space from that one “on the phone,” sounding like a “fake b***h“. Lethabo Acid laces the last verse, appearing to be telling a true story. “She so lit she body bagged. Tell her I don’t want her back” he raps. You say you love me but you’re a fake b***h. No no I don’t wanna hear none of it. It was never love, I could tell it was paradise just in hell.

Listen to Spaceships below and share your thoughts.
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