Flame, Ecco & Mellow Have Been Kicked Out Of The Wrecking Crew

Wednesday 28th of March, The Wrecking Crew Government tweeted the cutting of ties with three members. From how the tweet is presented, it appears the three, namely; Flame, Ecco, and Mellow have been kicked out. The tweet reads, ” Please understand, we are not associated with the other n***** anymore. Ecco, Flame, Mellow – n***** it’s been real“.

The news comes as a surprise to many fans who are seemingly ready to take the Wrecking Crew to their pinnacle. In an expression of confusion and hurt, one fan commented on the post writing, “If so, then why are their names still in the bio? Please don’t play with my feelings“.

A few hours ago she had comfort seeing the kicked out creatives names in the Wrecking Crew Government bio. However, if you visit @twcthegov you will not find their names anymore.

Whatever this could be about it surely wasn’t good. The incident appears to have taken place a while back. Even though denying this happening on the 18th, on the 26th of March Ecco tweeted, “Toast to the truest moments I’ve had with you. I’m not saying I miss them. I’m just glad we did it“. Ecco was quoting Calabasas, A Reece‘s track he was featured on.

Or this could be just a troll from the crew. We will find out more and keep you informed. Word on the net, hope it ain’t about the girls. Stay tuned to DopeOffthePress.

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