dOP 2019 Comers Watchlist – Mass the Difference

2019 has thus far been an exciting year for the South African Hip Hop scene. Great music; be singles, albums, music videos, collaborations, has been released and more is promised to come as we approach the festive season. Realising that we are drawing towards the end of the year, we have decided to start noting the most exciting upcoming creatives that we believe should be on your radar – or just your playlist, if you are a Hip Hop/ Rap fan. In no particular order, we first present to you:

Mass the Difference

A 23-year-old rapper, Mass the Difference was born “somewhere around Venda” and was raised in Pretoria where he attended school. Mass the Difference started recording music in 2012 at the age of 16, releasing his first music on Datafile Host. Fond of writing poetry, Mass the Difference met rappers who thought his poetry scripts were raps. He was then asked to try rapping and bam – a rapper in him came to life.

Mass the Difference tells Dope Off The Press that 2019 has been a great year for him. Evidently, Cassper Nyovest cosigning on the rapper’s single, What’s Wrong With Me? made an impact on the creative’s career. Acknowledging this, Mass the Difference tells Dope Off the Press that Cassper Nyovest changed his whole life.

…but it’s still a journey, I wanna be greater and just inspire the kids who come from where I come from“.

Learning his trade from Drake, and his uncle’s collections of the likes of Nas, Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G, Snoop Dog and more, Mass the Difference perfected his craft from J Cole’s music, his rap icon. Apart from the music, Mass the Difference recently graduated, achieving a Degree in Media Studies. The rapper tells us that the plan was to either continue with his studies or go work, however,

God had a different plan for me. Now more and more people are demanding my music. So I can’t run away from my purpose – I found it.

Asked to share where he sees opportunities in the industry, Mass the Difference tells us that, “the internet is a wonderful place, there are opportunities in this“. He says its all about taking the risks, “cause you never know unless you just try“. If you don’t take it seriously and just slack off you won’t be as great.

Listen to more music from Mass the Difference below, including his personal favourites, Bags of Sand and The Good Part.

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