Dibi Links Up With Reason For His New “Famous Remix” Single

Dibi has been making a name for himself since riding some of our favorite songs and posting them on YouTube around mid of the past decade, to now where he graces some of the most significant entities in the entertainment space. Taking a strategic stride, today Dibi reaches another milestone by unveiling an awaited remix that features one of South Africa’s best and well-celebrated rappers, Reason.

Dibi’s fans are well-acquainted with Reason. However, many of Reason’s fans will get to meet one fresh one from the new age in Dibi. This cosign from Reason is surely one for the records for the rising creative.

Premiered at midnight, the record is officially out in select international stores. Dibi has a gift for rhyme and flow and that is much clear on this remix. He spits his bars in an attention grabbing rhyme scheme that will surely stick in your head and have you hitting the replay button. Coming in on the second verse, Reason gives the listener an incentive to keep the song going for more plays. 


These Trippie Red wannabe niggas need a time out
Who gon’ last longer, me or them?
Shit, I guess we gonna have to find out
What’s the point I’m making?
Your heart ain’t in it, what’s the point of chasing?
They call me the one like I joined the matrix
This is a game of luck, just toss the coin and chase it
Why’re you sleepin on me?

This is surely one of Dibi’s most significant releases to date. Listen to the song below and share your thoughts.

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