B3nchmarq All Set To Share Aspen 2 Release Date & Single

B3nchmarq is getting ready to usher their foretold EP Aspen 2. The music duo kicked off the Aspen 2 campaign over six months ago. In the process, they have released a handful of singles, a two-track EP and teasers of the new music to be included on the EP.

Now, B3nchmarq recently made an announcement that hints the closeness of the project. Sharing on their socials, PJay and Tkay say this coming Friday 21 June we will receive Aspen 2‘s artwork. On that same day, the duo will share a single titled Hyperbolic Chamber enlisting Flame. Most importantly we will also be getting the release date for Aspen 2.

Looking forward to the release? Check out Dope Off the Press‘s pick from B3nchmarq’s recent offering.

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