2LA Announces A New Project Dropping This Spring

Floric Entertainment (FxENT) rapper/ singer, songwriter and record producer 2LA will be dropping a new EP this September. The new EP will most probably to be titled If You Know You Know, taking from the hashtag used. The creative has not shared much more about the EP yet, however, we will keep you informed as more comes.

In the first half of 2019, 2LA released 3 songs namely Pole Dance, Frances and Waddup Hater. He featured fellow FxENT creative The Slayer on Frances and enlisted itsBryne, Pek and Hamilton on production. Noticing a number of songs coming from FxENT enlisting the same producer’s, we can expect to hear some of their bangers on the coming project.

Looking forward to 2LA’s new project? Listen to his 2019 single below while we wait for September.

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